- Kinesiology -

Kinesiology is the language of communication with the innate intelligence of the neurological receptors and the acupuncture meridian system. Muscles are a powerful bio feed back system that gives information about the states of stress on the body. Muscles communicate with the central nervous system via the spindle cells that is the cells responsible for muscles contracting (shortening) and relaxing (lengthening due to stress that the body is experiencing. Kinesiology gives an accurate read out of the imbalances and using appropriate corrections allow the body to become balanced. We are all made up of energy vibrating at different rates, diseases is a result of imprisoned energy

Kinesiology is truly holistic, integrating all aspects: structural, mental, emotional and nutritional. It links Chinese methods of energy flow found in acupuncture with western style muscle testing and stress management. Muscle testing assesses the energy in the meridians and organs which is then combined with a range of energy balancing techniques to re-educate the body and mind to Improve health, energy and balance.

Kinesiology restores health within the body simply and efficiently relieving stress, tension, Energy blocks, enhancing the cleansing of toxins and the body’s own natural healing ability. It obtains information about conditions which can then be treated easily and effectively both preventing and alleviating symptoms. Kinesiology is not a panacea but it does offer a very precise way of assessing and correcting imbalances.