- About me -

Shealeen Guiney
DIP HM (inst NH)
Reiki Master
Professional Member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists

My name is Shealeen Guiney and I have been a student and practitioner of complementary medicine for over ten years. In addition to my recent focus on Reiki and Massage I have studied and practiced a wide range of complementary therapies.

This has been an incredible journey for me in terms of the experience I’ve gained, the people I’ve met and information I’ve collected. Some of which has challenged me to my very core. I wouldn’t change a thing and I have loved ever moment of it. I started many years ago by studying Naturopathy. This has been a great foundation as it provided an understanding of many different principles of complementary medicine, such as:

I then embarked on a course of study in Kinesiology (“Touch for health”). This was very much a hands on course and give me a real taste for the benefits of this type of treatment. I signed up for a practitioners’ course again spanning a number of years (“Prana kinesiology”). During this time almost ever aspect of alternative therapy was explored and applied to use with kinesiology. Each module brought a broader and deeper understanding of how the physical , mental , emotional and spiritual aspect of the body responded to a range of treatments that the body prioritised.

My next area of study was Vibrational Medicine, which demonstrated the beneficial healing effects that sound and frequencies have on the body.

In recent years I have trained in Reflexology and a range of massage therapies and am a qualified practitioner in:

Massage and Reflexology are now among the most popular, enjoyable and beneficial treatments in my practice.

I have completed numerous workshops and courses over the years and now make use of a range of these treatments to complement each other where appropriate.

Shealeen Guiney